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​​I began singing at the age of 11 with my first solo in the school choir concert. My music teacher recognized a natural ability and encouraged me to persue private lessons. So I went on a quest to find a vocal coach who wouldn't try to change me into a classical singer. I wanted to keep my natural voice and so I went through several teachers over the years until I found Dr. Dasha Goody and Edmonton Musical Theatre. I found "my people" there and trained with EMT over a 5 year period. Over the years I also studied piano and flute and considered studying flute in University but instead chose to study engineering at the University of Alberta. Upon graduation, I was offered an engineering position at a steel producer in Hamilton, ON and made the move out to the GTA alone. While I worked as an engineer ( a job for which I was not suited) I continued singing in bands and theatre productions. After many years as an un-happy engineer I went to teacher's college and became a high school teacher. Always, though, I have had music. Once I became a mother, I decided to stay home with my children and persue music even more. I have been so fortunate to be able to work with some fine musicians and groups over the years and also to be able to share my gift with people who may not be able to get out to a live music venue. I am passionate about performing for my special communities and to help them experience and remember the music of their youths.






Exciting times!  I have some great new live recordings with my new Quartet! These guys are amazing musicians and I am priviledged to get to work with them! I am working on a new album of wonderful jazz standards from the American Songbook with little big band Swingline! Look for it in the Winter and more recordings with the Quartet!


I am working on getting some recordings of more popular music from across the decades especially for my special communities to sample. Check back soon!

About My Music

It's as Changeable as the Weather

I hesitate to call myself a "jazz" vocalist. Why? As much as I love singing the jazz standards from the early to mid part of the last century, I also love to sing music from all genres across the past nearly 100 years. I prefer to say that I am a singer of popular music from the past 100 years. I know, I know...some people want to put their music into neat little boxes with labels and I am totally messing with that system, but I know you'll understand and love what you hear!

Some media quotes about my performances and voice that might help you to understand:


“You’ll really get a kick out of Tricia Cole…Her remarkable voice can be full-throated, sultry, yearning, pure and downright funny as she sings, dances, fast-talks, and aces her way through all the songs…”

- The St. Catharines Tribune

“Tricia Cole’s delivery of lines and songs is first class.”

~ Pulse Niagara


Exclusively for the seniors' entertainment set, I offer theme shows.  See my list of exciting themes below and book me today to entertain the people in your community!

Theme shows:
~ Broadway Divas
~ Jazz thru the Ages
~ Sinatra and Ella: Together
~ Hippie on a Trippy
~ Shaken and Stirred: The Music of James Bond
~ Tribute to Mothers
~ Tribute to Fathers
~ Holiday Favourites for All
~ Christmas Traditions
~ Songs of War and Peace (Remembrance Day)
~ St. Paddy's Day Jig
~ Love songs thru the Ages (Valentine's Day)
~ The Easter Parade
~ What are you doing New Years Eve?

~ Robbie Burns Day
~ OR Ask for a custom show to suit your needs~

Theme Shows

Special People, Special Communities

I have been working with special communities since I was a teen. It is my passion to bring joy and laughter to seniors and other living in special communities. Knowing the importance of playing familiar music and songs that bring the memories flooding back, I choose my playlists to suit the occasion and audience. That means playing popular music from the 20's through the 70's from every genre. I am comfortable switching from Nat King Cole to Gloria Gaynor, Sinatra: Frank to Nancy, Ella Fitgerald to Linda Ronstadt, Bobby Darin to James Taylor, Patsy Cline to Crystal Gayle and many more. I tell my audiences that my music is like the weather: If you don't like what you hear, wait three and a half minutes and it will change.

I am available for performances to special communities weekdays, weekends and holidays, day or evening (days are preferred). Please contact me for your next entertainment day!

Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi


The Tricia Cole Quartet (for lack of a better name!) is my newest project. This is a fine group of musicians I get to work with and we are raring to get performing!

Tricia Cole (Vocals, Arr.)
Stan Czajkowsky (Guitar, Arr., Dir.)
Phil Barrette (Drums, Arr.)
Frank Cammisuli (Piano, Arr.)
Urmas Soomet (Bass, Arr., Recording and Sound Mixing)

We have the priviledge of having the propietor of Studio 13 Live Sound Recording in Flamborough, ON  as one of our members! You can find him at .Wait for more recordings coming soon!

The Tricia Cole Quartet

Sophisticated Swing

I have the honour and priviledge to perform with Burlington's own big band, Sophisticated Swing. This award winning band of 17 musicians and 2 vocalists performs around southern Ontario at public and private events. For information about upcoming performances, check out our website at or follow us on Facebook.

There is nothing quite like the sound of a live, professional big band and it can take an event from good to spectacular! Consider booking Sophisticated Swing for your next big event!

Fonthill Bandshell, July 2017


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